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Our Panel

Thermo-insulating rice straw PANEL

Performance and Sustainability

Our rice fibre panels are the ideal choice for environmentally sustainable thermal insulation. Manufactured with patented technology, they use only environmentally sustainable and recyclable materials. Their nominal density and the combination of rice straw and thermo-fusible fibres offer excellent thermal insulation and self-supporting capacity. The compact surface and fire resistance guarantee a high level of performance.

Insensitive to'moisture

Ecological and Natural

Excellent Thermal Insulation

Excellent Acoustic Insulation

Breathable, no need for vapour barriers

Insect, rodent and bird inserts

No mask required during installation

Does not rot


Innovation, Quality & Resistance

Panel - Green tech industry

Main features

The panel exhibits Euroclass E fire resistance.

The natural porosity of the material allows adequate circulation of humid air between the inside and outside environment, avoiding water vapour condensation phenomena that could reduce the durability of the panel and its insulating power.

Available in variable thicknesses on request. Beyond 50 mm, the panel is bonded using natural-based adhesives. The bonding ensures adequate resistance during handling and installation on the wall.

Cutting operations are easy, produce no residues and present no safety concerns for operators.

The panel is manufactured with patented technology and formulation, using exclusively
environmentally sustainable and recyclable materials.

The nominal density of 80-110 kg/m3, together with the special production process used and the optimal combination ratio of rice straw and thermoplastic binder fibres, gives the panel self-supporting characteristics in combination with high thermal insulation properties. The surface is compact, does not flake and has excellent flatness, ideal conditions for the effective application of plasters and finishing layers.

Processability of the panel

Application &

Our rice fibre panels are suitable for external thermal insulation and cavity wall applications. They can be mechanically fastened with mushroom plugs and hydraulic lime-based adhesives onto rendered brickwork to ensure perfect adhesion. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of building applications.

Product Details

Technical Data Sheet

PropertiesAverage valueUnits of MeasurementTest method
Available thicknessesOn request*mmUNI EN 823
Nominal density80 – 100Kg/m3UNI EN 1602
Compressive strength at 10%
of deformation
2,1 - 3,5KPaUNI EN 826
Perpendicular tensile strength
to the faces
12 – 14KPaUNI EN 1607
Thermal conductivity (10^C)0,037 - 0,039W/m.kUNI EN 12667
ISO 8302
Reaction to fireE-ClassUNI EN 13501-1

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